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Program Description Addresses Family Life Matters

Figuratively speaking, LIFE provides a "Safety Zone and Safety Monitors":

Court Approved Vendor for Supervised Visitations 

  • Trained Professional Monitors
  • Detailed Visit Documentation
  • Clean, Child Friendly Visitation Rooms
  • Off Site and Home Monitored Visitations Available

Safe Exchange of Child 

  • Safety protocol for each child exchange
  • Documentation of  each exchange

Overall familial BENEFITS with our supervised visitations are:

For the Children--
Supervised visitations allow the children to maintain a relationship with their parents and/or pre-approved family members.  The children can look forward to the visitations without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen so that they simply enjoy their time in a safe, comfortable environment devoid of parental issues.  

For the Custodial Parent/Foster Parent/Legal Guardian--
The children's primary guardian can feel confident that the children are safe while visiting with the non-custodial parent.  Moreover, the Custodial Parent/Foster Parent/Legal Guardian will not have to communicate or have contact with the non-custodial parent(s) with whom they might be in conflict  or by whom they are intimidated or frightened. 

For the Non-Custodial Parent (i.e. visiting parent)--
The parent(s) visiting with the children can ensure that their visitation time is not interrupted by the caretakers with whom they may have a contentious relationship.  
The Non-Custodial Parent can visit without fear of unwarranted allegations due to our Facilitator monitoring the children and being present at all times during the visitation as also verified in documentation of what occurred during the entire time together.    

Alliance for LIFE (LIFE) offers families with
 Visitation Facilitation services  
at home, at community sites or in our office
.  Our staff is supported by an internal training program led by trained case managers, academically trained clinical staff, and academically trained educational staff. 


LIFE is utilized for supervised visitation by either a judge or a mediator.  The children are guaranteed a safe and friendly environment while they bond with parents and any pre-approved visitors.  LIFE provides monitored visitations and exchanges for families, which encourages a healthier parent/child relationship and at the same time ensure the safety of both adults and children.  Our supervised visitations decrease the chance of inappropriate behavior in front of the children, which in turn eliminate unfavorable interactions and comments the children may witness.

A Visitation Facilitator  will oversee that no improper behavior occurs during the visit and/or end the visitation if any party is non-compliant to Visitation Rules and Guidelines as reviewed at the initial visitation.

The Visitation Facilitator will be with and monitor the children at ALL times.

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