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2575 East 55th Place Suite G  Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 

Dedicated and Experienced Team of Professionals

LIFE provides fully supervised visitations to promote the engagement of family members in constructive
 dialogue within a controlled atmosphere. 

Our staff is supported by a program reflecting the understanding of culturally relevant and
socio-economic sensitive content
  as led by highly trained and academically qualified staff members.

Staff members include those with licensure/certifications to include, but not limited to,
the following: Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC),
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Sexual Maladaptive Disorder, Restorative Justice, Reactive Attachment Disorder, etc. 

Notably, our staff also provides professional courtesy, confidentiality, conflict of interest
policy compliance, and HIPAA compliance.

The expertise and training of the Executive Management Team ,who supervises and directs programs, reporting, and outcomes objectives are diverse.  Thus, with the direction of the Executive Management Team, LIFE trains its staff with better reporting and supervision techniques so that they are better equipped to conduct daily programming.  Specifically, the Executive Management Team and Staff expertise consist of the following: 


        • Over 50 years collective professional experience with Family Case Management; Family Preservation; Quality Assurance; and/or Family Reunification with various agencies (i.e. Department of Child Services, Foster Care system, etc.);
        • Over 25 years collective professional experience with Juvenile and Adult Probation cases in Marion county;
        • Direct experience with coordination and implementation of Alternative and Special Education School Programming;
        • Retired Educator and dual Doctoral Candidate with 26 years experience in Indianapolis Public School system;
        • Over 20 years collective professional experience with the programming of and supervision for Visitation Facilitation;
        • Certifications including, but not limited to Reactive Attachment Disorder, Restorative Justice, CPR/First Aid; and, but not limited to, 
        • Professional experience with supervision and/or counseling of adolescent male sex offenders and HIV/AIDS patients.
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