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Welcome to Alliance For LIFE!

Alliance for LIFE has a strong emphasis in addressing the needs of
youth and their families, as well as special activity projects with the senior community.  The corporate philosophy promotes healthy modeling and support to better ensure success in establishing and maintaining long term familial recovery. 

Alliance For LIFE primarily provides family social services for children who are placed in the foster care system due to substantiated abuse and neglect of the parents and/or legal guardians.  Visitation Facilitation is a service that helps families as they go through difficult and/or transitional times.  

Visitation Facilitation services, commonly referred to as "Supervised Visitations", allow the family bond to remain intact and strengthen while the children are cared for by Foster Parents and/or Relative Care.   Our staff maintains a  safe environment while documenting for judicial purposes the social interactions of the family members within their homes, community and/or our office. Our staff is well-trained to provide any necessary intervention when inappropriate interactions and/or conversations occur for it is the child's need that is paramount in making any decisions regarding supervision of the visit or the exchange.  
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